ScalaCupola / American Academy in Rome


ScalaCupola: ascend_sacred_descend_stairway  
by Erik Adigard + Jesse Jones (composer), for the Cinque Mostre exhibit at the America Academy in Rome
fog + 15m high projection

ScalaCupola is a site specific media installation that explores the possibility of “sacred spaces”. To do so we have brought together the Sistine Chapel and a profane space (a staircase of the American Academy in Rome) together they aim to suggest that a staircase may be seen as a motion toward the heavens.

ScalaCupola is part of the larger project Cave To Cloud, an investigation of the nature of “image” in the age of mobility and digital networks. As such, it explores relationships between the sacred and notions of architecture, iconography, crowds, noise, harmony and tourism, as well as concerns of meaning, temporality, spaciality and motion.