SpontaneousInterventions / Venice Architecture Biennale 2012

The SpontaneousInterventions/U.S. Pavilion exhibit (winner of a Venice Architecture Biennale Special Mention) is a record of 124 remakings of the city, each of which is a deliberate commoning, a grassroots intervention in our shared urban realm to rapidly render physical some form of a collective desire for a better life. These projects are efforts to remake ourselves by remaking the city, to assert the importance of equity, convenience, and pleasure in everyday life by addressing areas that the “system” has neglected, misunderstood, or undermined. S.I. is a celebration not simply of the power of local initiative and creativity but an argument for the importance of inductive processes in a field dominated by the top-down, by big power, and by frozen formulas.
Curated by Cathy Lang Ho, with David van der Leer and Ned Cramer
Designed by  M-A-D (Erik Adigard and Patricia McShane) and Freecell (John Hartmann and Lauren Crahan)
more: spontaneousinterventions.org