creative process: a funnel of influence / AGI 2010

a poster for Alliance Graphique Internationale, AGI 2010, Mapping the Process
Every year the congress of Alliance Graphique Internationale, challenges its members with a visual essay. This year, it did so by asking for an interpretation of the “creative process”.
The simple answer is easy: Mostly, we all go from research, to concept, to design, and finally to implementation. But that is caricatural and more false than not. In truth it took me a while to understand why I couldn’t immediately conceive a more accurate answer, and that is because I do not own a creative process. If any, it is an ever shifting jumble of expressed and implied concerns from client, audience and so many stake holders. Therefore, each project is a wonderfully unique venture, always exposed to contingencies that may lead into graceful love affairs as easily as into conflicts of interest. However it happens, the creative process remains a dynamic between demands on the client side and the yearnings of creative innovation on the other. A potential to invent is what each designer possesses and thrives to cultivate, and we all have our own clever ways to ensure that it is expressed as seductively as possible somewhere in the “solution”…
…Exhibited in Mapping The Process, Porto and published in Process Is The Project


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